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April 2020

Online roundtable on the topic “Crisis in Libya: Current Situation and Prospects for Its Settlement”

May 2020

Online lecture “The Mediterranean Basin as a Part of Traditional Islamic Cosmography”

June 2020

Open online seminar “Understanding the Mediterranean Region in Political Discourse of Regional States and External Players”

September 2020

Workshop “The Fragmentation of Elites in Middle East and North Africa States and Lobbying Interests of Western Countries”

October 2020

Open seminar (organized in cooperation with the Council of young scientists of the Institute for African Studies of Russian Academy of Science) on the topic “North Africa Crises and Their Impact on International Politics of Mediterranean Countries”

November 2020

Series of open lectures by experts from Italian Universities and Analytical Centers (UNIBO, ISPI, ECFR)

December 2020

Open seminar on the topic “Military Potential of the Mediterranean States”

February 2021

Open seminar "Old players, new challenges"

March 2021

Open seminar "Economic news of the Middle East region";

Open lecture by Andrey Chuprygin "Libya: can a 'strange choice' lead the country out of the crisis?"

May 2021

Open seminar "Prospects for the return of 'old' problems"


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