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Арабы. История. XVI-XXI вв.

Роган Ю.

M.: 2019.

What is BRICS for China?

Lukin A., Fan X.

Strategic Analysis. 2019. Vol. 43. No. 6. P. 620-631.

Book chapter
Russia and the United States in the Cases of Egypt and Libya

Chuprygin A.

In bk.: The MENA Region: A Great Power Competition, ISPI - Atlantic Council Report. Milan: Ledizioni Ledi Publishing, 2019.

Working paper
The Political Role of the Russian Consulates in Mongolia in the Mongolian National Liberation Movement in the Early 20th Century

Sizova A.

Basic research program. WP BRP. National Research University Higher School of Economics, 2016. No. 119.


Oriental manuscript: language, text and cultural context

Human nature in East Asian texts

The structure and form of the ancient text in East Asia and their change from antiquity to the Middle Ages

Aramaic-Assyrian identity in linguistic and historical perspective

Christian texts and the culture of the Silk Road

Arabic and Georgian manuscript versions of Coptic hagiographic works and their historical and cultural context

The specifics of formation of lexical and grammatical competence in a communicative approach

Manuscript and block printing in the East: textual form, contents and writing media

Transcultural communication in Asia.

“Transcultural communication in Asia” is an international research and publication project undertaken by the school of Oriental studies, together with a number of leading Russian and foreign academic centres. The project main partner is the University of Cambridge, Unit “Mongolia and Inner Asia”.

The project is a priority part of the scholarly panorama of the School of Oriental studies.

Socio-political transformations in Eastern societies in XIX-XXI centuries.

Socio-cultural transformations and interactions in East Asia (XX - XXI centuries)

The socio-economic transformations of countries in Central Asia

Social transformation in Korea in the second half of the 20th - beginning of the 21st century and the development of language culture of the DPRK and the Republic of Korea

The essence and trends of the Korean youth movement in the 1920s

The evolution of the socio-political structure of the Muslim Middle East in XIX -XXI centuries: from Jamal ad-Din al-Afghani to Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi

Arabic Language in the Socio-Political Context of the XXI Century

The image of the 'Islamic state' in the Muslim world

The role of the army in the political development of China in the XX century

The Soviet aid to the Kuomintang in the 1920-30s as a factor of the political elite formation in mainland China and Taiwan in recent history

Internal debt, financial liberalization and the problem of transition to democracy in post-totalitarian and authoritarian systems. China under Xi Jinping, and the Republic of China in Taiwan under Chiang Ching-kuo

The policy of the China's leaders in the field of the socio-economic development of Chinese regions at the beginning of the XXI century

The specifics of business and entrepreneurship in the East

The world economy transformation and industrial potential of Japan

The trends in the development of Japanese companies in the XXI century

The features of entrepreneurship in contemporary China

Ethno-cultural and religious identity of Eastern societies

Japan and the external world in the Modern era: the transformation of perception and self-positioning

Zen-Life: Art & Letters in Medieval Japanese Monasteries

The local religiosity in China: ritual, state and sectarianism

Historical memory as a factor in the formation and consolidation of the national identity of the Chinese in XIX-XXI centuries

Modern Salafism: ideology and practice

Korean painting of the 18th century and the problem of national identity search

International relations and challenges and opportunities for Russia in the East

Russia and transport infrastructure in Asia

The culture of Eastern Asia - its economic potential and foreign policy tool

Foreign policy, diplomacy (traditional and cultural) and the diplomatic service of Russia in China and the one of China in Russia (in the second half of the XIX - the beginning of the XXI centuries)

Siberia and the Far East in interaction with the world of Asia (XIX-beginning of the XXI century)

Japan in the system of international economic relations in the Asia-Pacific region

The USSR and North Korea (1945-1980s): economy and culture

Joint Russian-Chinese educational projects in the context of the formation of post-industrial society

The East-West dialogue: cultural, religious and social dimensions

Westerner in the East

The perception of Western culture in Asia

China as a reality and as a myth

Laozi in Russia: the perception of philosophy and poetics of early Taoism in Russian science and culture in the XIX - the beginning of the XXI centuries.

Encounters and misapprehensions: Russian japanophiles and Japan

The sociocultural values of Japan

Arabic Language in Christian communities of the Mediterranean: historical and cross-cultural perspective